Genymotion 2.6.0

Test custom apps by recreating one of several Android phone environments on a Windows PC

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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Genymotion 2.6.0
Genymotion 1.1.0

Genymotion is a piece of software that emulates the Android operating system through your desktop computer. It's entirely free to use, and it contains a number of powerful options. The software is highly intuitive, and if you have any experience with the Android OS, you're already on the right track.

Thanks to Genymotion, you can test out Android software on a virtual device emulated through your PC. It is primarily designed for Android developers who need methods to test their apps efficiently, but anyone with a certain level of natural curiosity will find the software intriguing.

Not only does the app emulate the Android software, but it emulates a number of real-world Android devices. Some of the most popular options included in the software are those in the Samsung Galaxy line and Google Nexus line. The software automatically searches for your peripheral devices to control the emulation, and it uses your system's internet connection to simulate an active connection in the device. If you would like to test them, you can activate geolocation services for the emulated device, and the size of the window for the emulator can be changed to support larger views of launched apps.

When launching the software, there aren't many advanced or superfluous options you need to worry about. However, if you are an advanced user or developer, you can create an Android Debug Bridge through the main menu. This won't be useful to anyone beyond a developer who needs to find solutions to faults in their apps. Just like the Android software on compatible devices, the software in the emulator starts up instantly. There are no long waits while the software configures itself.

Since Genymotion is completely free, you might expect it to operate at a subpar level compared to other Android emulators, but that's not the case. It receives updates on a regular basis, so any bugs that are still present in the software will be promptly removed. Rotating the screen of some of the emulated devices can cause some stability issues. In some cases, the emulator will crash altogether when the drop down menu is selected. Beyond these relatively insignificant drawbacks, this software is about as close to perfect as you'll find from an Android mobile device emulator.

What's really great about Genymotion is that it flies right down the middle in terms of suitability for users of all types. Beginners will glean knowledge from fiddling with the emulator, and developers can take advantage of the powerful software behind the emulation to fine-tune their creations. Even though this app is relatively new compared to others in the category, it has the potential to become the benchmark Android emulation software. Its built-in debugging tools, simple configuration, and quick speed ensure it will remain near the head of the app category for quite some time.


  • Exceptionally Fast
  • Easy Configuration
  • Excellent Emulation
  • Debug Tools


  • Occasional Stability Issues

Genymotion gives you the ability to emulate numerous Android phones directly from your computer. It offers a powerful yet easy-to-use interface and lets you discover and interact with different Android phones of your choice. In addition, Genymotion has basic and advanced features for Android developers who want to dive in, set up an Android Debug Bridge and configure the phone.

Compatible Android Phones

From the Google Nexus to the Samsung Galaxy lineup, Genymotion emulates the most popular phones on the market. It automatically detects your computer's keyboard and mouse and provides instant Internet access. You don't have to configure a bunch of software options at startup as Genymotion takes care of that for you. Once you have the emulator running, you can enable geolocation and other options for testing. Genymotion doesn't lock you down to a fixed size, so feel free to decrease or increase the emulator's window once you launch the applications.

Limited Options, Buggy At Times

Although Genymotion lets you play with and test different Android phones, it does not offer every option available. In fact, it removes a lot of the unnecessary launch options but still gives you access to debugging and other advanced features. In addition, it launches quickly and lets you start working with the Android phone in no time. Genymotion enters the emulator market as a newcomer, so expect some bugs. Rotating the screen can often lead to problems in specific Android phones, and pulling down the drop-down menu leads to crashes in some cases.


  • Freedom to test different Android phones
  • Quick and responsive
  • User friendly and easily configurable
  • Advanced debug options
  • Operates from within a virtual environment
  • Perfect for Android developers


  • Screen rotation creates problems in some Android phones
  • Drop-down menu leads to crashes at times
  • Minor stability issues

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